Tips for court appearances during lockdown and Covid times.

With lockdowns and Stay at Home Orders being extended in New South Wales, court mentions and hearings in Children’s Court, Federal Circuit Court and Family Court are continuing to operate remotely.


The courts remain operational, however, your court matter may be conducted by telephone or by Microsoft teams.

If you are not required to physically attend court in person, it’s important that you are still available, and you appear over the phone or by audio visual link.

Your solicitor will provide to you with a telephone number for you to participate in the proceedings. You should call this number around 5 minutes before your matter is listed.

If you are a self-represented litigant the court will email you details for you to participate either by phone or by audio visual link.


Some Important Things to Remember:

  1. You will have the chance to speak to your lawyer before and after your matter is heard. Try to instruct your lawyer as much as possible before your matter is called because it will be difficult to give instructions when you are both on the line with the court.
  2. Put your phone on mute and NOT on hold. The Judge, Magistrate or Registrar do not want to be hearing background noise, especially when there are often many people on the line.
  3. Just like court in person, your lawyer will be there representing you and will address the court.
  4. Make sure that you are in a quiet place, and that no kids are around or can hear what is going on.
  5. On busy list days you may be required to wait and remain on mute for some time, sometimes up to a few hours – try and remain patient, your matter will be dealt with. Most importantly, don’t interrupt anyone when someone else is speaking.
  6. Your lawyer will write to you and confirm any directions made. Make sure you diarize any future dates and contact your lawyer about anything you are unsure about.
  7. In certain jurisdictions such as the children’s court you may ask to be excused for mentions if you are legally represented. You should speak to your lawyer about this.


If you have any questions about how your matter will proceed, call the office on 9620 1379, or email your lawyer.

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