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Care and Protection

Our firm regularly appears the Children’s court representing children, adults, grandparents, extended family and carers and protection law. If your children have been removed by DCJ we can represent you at court and accept work funded by the Legal aid Commission of NSW. We can also assist you with s90 applications, give you advice and representation if you are a carer and help refer you to numerous services to assist you with your matter.  We can also assist with representation at NCAT.

Property Settlement

Ever wondered what your rights to entitlement are when your marriage or de facto breaks down? Our firm will assist you with negotiation without having to go to court, which will save you more time and money. We will assist you to reach a property settlement agreement or consent orders without the hassle of going to court, but if this cannot be achieved, our experienced lawyers will act on your behalf in court.

Children Issues

Parenting issues can be costly and it can be extremely difficult when young children are involved. During this process we can assist with live with, spend time applications, recovery applications.
If your matter needs to go to court in circumstances of urgency or risk we will be able to guide and represent you to reach an agreement or orders that is in your child/children’s best interests.
We have experience in complex issues that affect parenting such as: Drug and alcohol, mental health, domestic violence.
We will try and resolve matters without going to court but in circumstances of urgency or risk we will be able to guide and represent you to reach an agreement that is your child/children’s best interests.Our firm has a special interest in children with special needs and all our solicitors have worked directly with children with ASD.

Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Rene is an accredited family dispute resolution practitioner and national mediator.
Rene has a number of years’ experience working with families and also representing children in the Family Law and Care and Protection jurisdiction.
Rene understands the difficulties and challenges that are experienced with family conflict and is focussed to facilitate discussion and assist parties reach their own agreements for parenting or property matters.
In the event that parties are unable to reach an agreement for parenting matters Rene can issue a s60i certificate that will enable parties to file an application with the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia.


Not being legally married does not mean that you are not protected under the law. Our solicitors can advise you of your rights and help you negotiate a fair settlement.

Similarly if you are seeking a divorce after separating for 12 months we can assist you with your divorce application and if you do not have children under 18 you will not be required to go to court.


We respect both your privacy & safety during difficult times, pursuing a stress-free personalised solution


We believe in the uppermost level of confidentiality when dealing with you and your loved ones

Peace of Mind

Our aim is to convey constant peace of mind as we pursue your matter in the best of our ability

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