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There is nothing more satisfying when you receive a Testimonial from your clients, it makes your drive and passion come alive even more so!


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Lovely feedback from our family law client – father in a parenting matter.

Thanks again S – it was a pleasure looking after you and glad Darinka helped you reach a good outcome for you and your children.

"Hey Darinka.

I’d like to Thankyou for all your support and efforts with this matter also the show of respect from yourself and colleagues. Also Thankyou for all your advise and knowledge.

May you have a great journey forward in life and thank you so much a again Darinka.


Settlement after First Court Mention

Thank you to our lovely client who has spoilt us recently.

This matter fortunately settled after the first court mention after some robust negotiations.

Virginia from our office facilitated a smooth conveyance working closely with our client.

Court Case Dismissed saving thousands of dollars

This was another matter that unfortunately went to court and we were able to successfully argue for the matter to be dismissed on the first return date saving our client thousands of dollars, as well as court time and unnecessary stress. 

Thanks for the lovely hamper from S.

Parenting orders agreed by consent during court proceedings

From a father we represented and were able to successfully negotiate consent orders on a final basis.....although the matter had unfortunately proceeded to court it settled at an early stage saving all the parties further costs and the ongoing stress of litigation.

Dear Rene,
I would like to thank you and the team for your professional hard work and all that you put in through the many ups and downs during my case, I appreciate all the support I got from your extensive experience and the fact that you always believed in me and my story, also a big thank you for keeping the costs to a minimum where possible.........having time with................. has given me much happiness which I have long lacked and the time spent thus far has given everyone in my family the opportunity to bond well with................and the future looks very positive,

Once again a much heartfelt thank you Rene, Sarah and the team

Consent Orders and Property Matters

From a mother we represented and were able to negotiate consent orders to finalise all outstanding property matters. What this meant to our client was that she didn't have to go to court, she was able to finalize her property matter with her ex and move on with her life. Virginia from our office handled all the conveyancing side of things. Well done!  Thanks for the lovely words and chocolates!

Dear Rene, Virginia and the entire team at Forshaw lawyers

Thank you so much for all of your help and assistance with my matter and obtaining consent orders and settlement. The whole process was smooth, well executed and quick and the outcome was better than I ever anticipated.

Virginia - thank you for the fantastic management of the conveyancing and property settlement it was greatly appreciated.

Rene thank you especially for your guidance, expertise and support during this incredibly emotional and stressful time. I felt like I was in safe hands the entire time. I am also extremely grateful for your understanding and generosity regarding the fee schedule. You have no idea how much that meant to me. I am very thankful to have met you all.

Best wishes for the future

Kindest regards


Family Law Property Matter

chocs from L 7096fba9Thanks to L for the lovely chocolates and card.

This was a family law property matter that settled by way of private mediation.

Both parties were represented and with the aid of an experienced mediator we were able to resolve all outstanding property issues by way of consent orders avoiding costly litigation.

It was a pleasure looking after L  during this difficult time for her.

Property Hearing

Just letting you , I cant thank Stephanie enough for her journey with me  professional and her compassion for a young lady has been excellent, and the rest of your staff including yourself and the discount you gave me has been much appreciated your staff mannerism is excellent thank you again.

From a grandmother in a care and protection matter

18 SEPT 2018

From a grandmother in a care and protection matter where she successfully
argued her case for care of her grand-daughter in her care.


Thank you P and it was lovely meeting your little one.

From a mother in a care and protection matter

28 OCT 2019

From a mother in a care and protection matter where she successfully achieved restoration.


Thank you T – it was really a pleasure looking after you.

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